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英単語 Index《 S

sadsad, unhappy, pathetic悲しい
safetysafety, security安全
salarysalary, charge, fee手当て
salarysalary, wages, pay給料
sampleexample, sample, specimen見本
samplesample, example見本
sarcasmirony, sarcasm, satire皮肉
satireirony, sarcasm, satire皮肉
satisfysatisfy, content満足させる
savehelp, assist, rescue, save助ける
savesave, deposit, invest蓄える
savortaste, flavor, savor
saysay, speak, talk, tell話す
sayingproverb, saying格言
scarcefew, little, scarce少ない
scarcelybarely, hardly, rarely, scarcelyほとんど~ない
scarcelyrarely, not often, occasionally, seldom他めったに~しない
scarefrighten, intimidate, scare, terrify怖がらせる
sceneview, sight, scene眺め
scenescene, scenery景色
sceneryscene, scenery景色
scentsmell, scent香り
schemeproject, plan, program, scheme計画
scornlook down on, despise, scorn, disdain軽蔑する
screamcry, shout, scream叫ぶ
scrupulousdetailed, careful, close, 他綿密な
seasea, ocean
searchlook for, search, seek, hunt探す
secretsecret, confidential, classified,他秘密の
secretaryclerk, worker, secretary, receptionist事務員
sectionarea, section地域
securitysafety, security安全
seesee, look, watch見る
seesee, meet会う
seeklook for, search, seek, hunt探す
seemseem, look, appear, sound見える
seldomrarely, not often, occasionally, seldom他めったに~しない
selectchoose, select, elect選ぶ
sendsend, ship送る
sensiblesensitive, sensible敏感な
sensitivesensitive, sensible敏感な
sentimentfeeling, emotion, sentiment感情
separatedivide, separate, split, share, disconnect分ける
seriousserious, grave, crucial重大な
servework, labor, serve働く
setput, set, place, lay置く
severefierce, severe, violent激しい
severesevere, strict, harshきびしい
shakeshake, tremble, shudder震える
shamedistress, embarrass, humiliate, shame困らせる
shamelessimpudent, cheeky, shameless, forward無神経な
shapeform, shape, figure
sharedivide, separate, split, share, disconnect分ける
sharpacute, keen, sharp鋭い
sheetpiece, bit, slice, lump, sheetひとかけら
shipsend, ship送る
shocksurprise, amaze, alarm, shock, stun驚く
shopshop, store
shoreshore, coast海岸
shortagelack, want, shortage不足
shortcomingdefect, shortcoming, fault欠点
shortlybriefly, shortly手短に
shortlyshortly, promptly, immediately, instantlyすぐに
shoutcry, shout, scream叫ぶ
shovepush, press, shove押す
showdemonstrate, indicate, reveal, show示す
showteach, tell, show教える
showshow, guide, direct, lead案内する
shuddershake, tremble, shudder震える
shutclose, shut閉める
shycowardly, chicken-hearted, timid, shy憶病な
sicksick, ill病気の
sicknesssickness, illness, disease病気
sightview, sight, scene眺め
signaturesignature, autograph署名
silentquiet, silent, still静かな
sillyfoolish, stupid, sillyばかな
similarresemble, similar似ている
simmerboil, stew, simmer煮る
simpleeasy, simple, plainやさしい
sincrime, sin, offense
sinceas, since, because~なので
sincefrom, since~から
sincerepure, genuine, solid, sincere純粋な
sipdrink, sip, gulp飲む
situationstate, condition, situation状態
sizesize, volume大きさ
skilltechnique, skill, art, technology技術
slaughterkill, murder, slaughter殺す
slenderthin, slim, slender細い
slicepiece, bit, slice, lump, sheetひとかけら
slimthin, slim, slender細い
slipshodsloppy, untidy, slovenly, slipshodだらしない
sloppyirresponsible, unreliable, halfhearted, sloppyいい加減な
sloppysloppy, untidy, slovenly, slipshodだらしない
slotcrater, opening, slot, space
slovenlysloppy, untidy, slovenly, slipshodだらしない
slowlate, delayed, slow遅い
slumpcollapse, fall down, slump倒れる
slumpdepression, recession, slump, 他不景気
smallnarrow, small狭い
smallsmall, little, tiny小さい
smellsmell, scent香り
smilelaugh, smile, grin笑う
snickerchuckle, giggle, laugh, snicker笑う
soand, then, soそれで
soso, thereforeそれで
sovery, so, tooとても、非常に
so faruntil now, so farこれまで
sobcry, weep, sob泣く
softcalm, mild, soft穏やかな
softsoft, fluffy, tender柔らかい
softenease, soften, relieve, soothe和らげる
soilspot, stain, soil染みをつける
solicitorlawyer, attorney, solicitor, 他弁護士
solidfirm, hard, solid固い
solidsolid, muscular, sturdyたくましい
solidpure, genuine, solid, sincere純粋な
solutionsolution, resolution解決
solvesolve, resolve解決する
sometimessometimes, often, frequently時々、しばしば
sometimessometimes, now and then, from time to time,..時々
soonsoon, immediately, at once すぐに
sootheease, soften, relieve, soothe和らげる
sorryI'm sorry, I apologizeすまなく思って
soulheart, mind, spirit, soul
soundhealthy, sound, wholesome健康な
soundseem, look, appear, sound見える
soundsound, noise, tone
sourceorigin, source, root根源
spacecrater, opening, slot, space
speaksay, speak, talk, tell話す
specialparticular, specific, peculiar, special特別の
speciallyespecially, particularly, specially特に
specificparticular, specific, peculiar, special特別の
specificallyspecifically, in particular, notably特に
specimenexample, sample, specimen見本
speedilyquickly, rapidly, speedily, briskly速く
spenduse, spend, employ使う
spinturn, spin, revolve回る
spiritheart, mind, spirit, soul
spiritedcheerful, vigorous, spirited元気な
splitdivide, separate, split, share, disconnect分ける
spoilgo bad, decay, rot, spoil腐る
spoilindulge, humor, pamper, spoil甘やかす
spotspot, stain, soil染みをつける
springjump, leap, spring跳ぶ
squanderwaste, misuse, throw away, squander無駄にする
staffemployee, staff従業員
staffstaff, employee, partner社員
stagnationdepression, recession, slump, 他不景気
stainspot, stain, soil染みをつける
stairsstairs, steps階段
standbear, endure, put up with, stand, tolerate耐える
standstand, position立場
standardnormal, average, standard, 他通常の
startbegin, start, break out始まる
startbeginning, start, origin始め
statecountry, nation, state
statestate, condition, situation状態
statesmanpolitician, statesman政治家
statusposition, status, rank地位
stayrest, stay, stop休む
steadylover, boyfriend/girlfriend, steady恋人
stealsteal, rob盗む
stepsstairs, steps階段
stewboil, stew, simmer煮る
stillalready, yet, stillもう、まだ
stillquiet, silent, still静かな
stimulateagitate, arouse, stimulate刺激する
stoprest, stay, stop休む
storeshop, store
straightenput in order,tidy,straighten,classify,ar..整理する
strangestrange, curious, peculiar奇妙な
strangestrange, odd, weird変な
strangeroutsider, strangerよそ者
strategystrategy, tactic戦略
stressstress, pressure圧力
stretchextend, expand, stretch伸ばす
strictsevere, strict, harshきびしい
strikehit, beat, strike打つ
strikestrike, demonstrationストライキ
strikingnoticeable, remarkable, outstanding, striking顕著な
strongstrong, powerful, intense強い
strongstrong, thick, dense濃い
stubbornstubborn, obstinate, headstrong強情な
studentstudent, pupil学生
studystudy, learn, work勉強する
stuffmaterial, substance, stuff材料
stunsurprise, amaze, alarm, shock, stun驚く
stupidfoolish, stupid, sillyばかな
sturdysolid, muscular, sturdyたくましい
stylishfashionable, stylish, cool, trendy流行の
subjectsubject, topic, theme主題
submitsubmit, hand in提出する
substancematerial, substance, stuff材料
successivecontinuous, continual, constant, 他続く
suddenlysuddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly突然に
sueaccuse, sue, prosecute訴える
sufficientenough, sufficient, adequate十分な
suggestadvise, suggest勧める
suggesthint, imply, insinuate, suggestほのめかす
suggestsuggest, propose提案する
suitfit, match, suit合う
suitablesuitable, fit, proper適した
sumsum, total合計
summarysummary, outline要約
supportencouragement, support支援
supposethink, guess, suppose思う
suresure, certain, definite確かな
suresure, certainlyいいですよ
suresure, confident, certain, positive確かな
surelycertainly, surely確かに
surplussurplus, leftover残り
surprisesurprise, amaze, alarm, shock, stun驚く
surroundingsenvironment, surroundings環境
surveyinvestigation, survey, research調査
surviveremain, survive, be left残る
suspectdoubt, suspect疑う
suspicioussuspicious, doubtful, dubious怪しい
sustainmaintain, keep up, sustain, uphold維持する
sweatsweat, perspiration
sweetlovely, pretty, sweetかわいい
symmetrybalance, harmony, symmetry釣り合い

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