有能な  able, capable, competent
異常な  abnormal, unusual, extraordinary
鋭い   acute, keen, sharp
すべて  all, entire, whole
すべて  all, both, every, each
全部の  all, whole
たくさんの a lot of, plenty of
あいまいな ambiguous, obscure, vague
怒って  angry, mad, upset
不明の  anonymous, unidentified
他の   another, other, others
恥ずかしい ashamed, embarrassed
悪い   bad, evil, wicked, ill
裸の   bare, naked, nude
怖い   be scared, be afraid of
大きい  big, large, huge, great
つまらない boring, dull, trivial
勇敢な  brave, bold, courageous
明るい  bright, light, cheerful
穏やかな calm, mild, soft
注意し‥ carefree, careless, careful
慎重な  careful, cautious, prudent, discreet
軽率な  careless, thoughtless, hasty, rash
安い   cheap, inexpensive
快活な  cheerful, cheery, lively, mirthful
元気な  cheerful, vigorous, spirited
幼い   childish, childlike, immature
明らかな clear, apparent, obvious
かしこい clever, intelligent, wise  
近い   close, near, nearby
完全な  complete, perfect, absolute
複雑な  complex, complicated, involved
個人の  confidential, personal, private
混乱した confused, confusing
続く   continuous, continual, constant, 他
憶病な  cowardly, chicken-hearted, timid, shy
夢中な  crazy, absorbed, addicted
残酷な  cruel, brutal, harsh
危ない  dangerous, risky, hazardous
美味しい delicious, tasty
綿密な  detailed, careful, close, 他
違う   different, distinct, various
様々な  different, various, diverse
むずかしい difficult, hard
汚い   dirty, filthy, messy
遠い   distant, far, remote
明らかな distinct, evident, manifest, plain
熱心な  eager, enthusiastic, earnest
はやい  early, fast, quick, rapid
やさしい easy, simple, plain
効果的な effective, efficient
上品な  elegant, graceful, modest
空の   empty, vacant
十分な  enough, sufficient, adequate
同等の  equal, identical, equivalent
永遠の  eternal, everlasting, permanent
優れた  excellent, exquisite, fine

面白い  I'm exciting, I'm excited
面白い  interesting, funny
偽の   false, fake, forged
間違った false, incorrect, wrong
有名な  famous, well-known, notorious
流行の  fashionable, stylish, cool, trendy
太い   fat, thick
太った  fat, overweight, plump, obese
少ない  few, a few, quite a few
少し、少々 few, little, bit
少ない  few, little, scarce
少しの  fewer, less
激しい  fierce, severe, violent
固い   firm, hard, solid
ばかな  foolish, stupid, silly
外国の  foreign, alien
前の   former, late, deceased
新しい  fresh, new, recent
親しい  friendly, intimate, close
恐ろしい frightening, fearful, terrifying
楽しい  fun, pleasant, enjoyable
優しい  gentle, kind, tender
憂鬱な  gloomy, blue, depressed, depressing
優れた  good,excellent,outstanding,superior,exceptional
嬉しい  happy, glad
健康な  healthy, sound, wholesome
高い   high, tall, lofty
温かい  hot, warm, temperate
巨大な  huge, enormous, immense
湿った  humid, moist, damp
想像の  imaginative, imaginary
無神経な impudent, cheeky, shameless, forward
流行ってる in fashion, fashionable, popular, prevalent
工業の  industrial, industrious
無邪気な innocent, ingenuous, naive
おもしろい interesting, exciting, amusing
不合理な irrational, unreasonable, illogical, 他
いい加減な irresponsible,unreliable,halfhearted,sloppy
遅い   late, delayed, slow
怠ける  lazy, idle, indolent
寂しい  lonely, melancholy, desolate
かわいい lovely, pretty, sweet
低い   low, short
幸運な  lucky, fortunate, providential
主な   main, chief, principal
多い   many, much, a lot of
控えめの modest, moderate, reserved
狭い   narrow, small
必要な  necessary, essential, indispensable
神経質な nervous, irritated
通常の  normal, average, standard, 他
不明の  not clear, unknown, obscure
不十分な not enough, insufficient, inadequate
顕著な  noticeable, remarkable, outstanding, striking
古い   old, ancient, antique, old-fashioned
逆の   opposite, contrary, reverse, contradictory
特別の  particular, specific, peculiar, special
快い   pleasant, pleasing, agreeable
礼儀正しい polite, courteous, civil
下手な  poor, bad, unskillful
可愛い  pretty, cute
高慢な  proud,arrogant,haughty,insolent,conceited
純粋な  pure, genuine, solid, sincere
静かな  quiet, silent, still
おとなしい quiet, mild, obedient, tame
珍しい  rare, infrequent, uncommon, unusual
似ている resemble, similar
立派な  respectable, respectful, respective
豊かな  rich, wealthy, abundant
正しい  right, correct, accurate
失礼な  rude, impolite, ill-mannered, uncivil
悲しい  sad, unhappy, pathetic
秘密の  secret, confidential, classified,他
敏感な  sensitive, sensible
重大な  serious, grave, crucial
きびしい severe, strict, harsh
病気の  sick, ill
だらしない sloppy, untidy, slovenly, slipshod
小さい  small, little, tiny
柔らかい soft, fluffy, tender
たくましい solid, muscular, sturdy
奇妙な  strange, curious, peculiar
変な   strange, odd, weird
強い   strong, powerful, intense
濃い   strong, thick, dense
強情な  stubborn, obstinate, headstrong
確かな  sure, certain, definite
確かな  sure, confident, certain, positive
怪しい  suspicious, doubtful, dubious
ひどい  terrible, awful, cruel
仮の   temporary, makeshift, tentative, provisional
細い   thin, slim, slender
薄い   thin, weak, light
疲れた  tired, exhausted, weary  
十分な  tooとenoughの使い分け
本物の  true, real, actual, genuine
無関心な uninterested, disinterested
嫌な   unpleasant,disagreeable,disgusting,nasty,detestable
無愛想な unsociable, unfriendly, blunt, 他
早急の  urgent, immediate, pressing, prompt
役に立つ useful, helpful, handy
いつもの usual, customary, habitual
有効な  valid, effective
貴重な  valuable, precious, invaluable
弱い   weak, faint, fragile
弱い   weak, feeble, frail, faint
広い   wide, broad, vast



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