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a couple ofa pair of, a couple of二つの~
a fewfew, a few, quite a few少ない
a little while agoa little while ago, for a while少しの間
a lot ofa lot of, plenty ofたくさんの
a pair ofa pair of, a couple of二つの~
abandonabandon, dump, throw away捨てる
abilityability, talent, capability能力
abilitycapacity, faculty, ability, talent能力
ableable, capable, competent有能な
abnormalabnormal, unusual, extraordinary異常な
aboutabout, around, approximatelyおおよそ
abroadabroad, foreign, overseas海外
abruptlysuddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly突然に
absolutecomplete, perfect, absolute完全な
absolutelycompletely, absolutely完全に
absorbedcrazy, absorbed, addicted夢中な
absurdirrational, unreasonable, illogical, 他不合理な
abundantrich, wealthy, abundant豊かな
acceptaccept, receive, get, take受け取る
accidentevent, accident, incident出来事
accomplishaccomplish, achieve, attain成し遂げる
accurateright, correct, accurate正しい
accuseaccuse, sue, prosecute訴える
accusecriticize, blame, accuse非難する
acheache, pain痛み
achieveaccomplish, achieve, attain成し遂げる
acquaintancefriend, acquaintance友人
acquireget, earn, gain, acquire, obtain手に入れる
actact, action, behavior, conduct行動
actrule, regulation, law, act規則
actionact, action, behavior, conduct行動
actualtrue, real, actual, genuine本物の
actuallyactually, really本当に
acuteacute, keen, sharp鋭い
addictedcrazy, absorbed, addicted夢中な
addresstalk, conversation, chat, address
adequateenough, sufficient, adequate十分な
admireadmire, respect, look up to尊敬する
advanceadvance, progress, develop進歩する
adviseadvise, suggest勧める
advocaterecommend, advocate薦める
affectaffect, influence影響を与える
afterafter, later, inあとで
after allat last, finally, after allとうとう
agedaged, elderly高齢者
agitateagitate, arouse, stimulate刺激する
agobefore, ago~前に
agreeagree, approve, consent同意する
agreeablepleasant, pleasing, agreeable快い
agreementagreement, contract契約
agricultureagriculture, farming農業
aimpurpose, aim, objective目的
alarmsurprise, amaze, alarm, shock, stun驚く
alertalert, caution, warn注意する
alienforeign, alien外国の
allall, entire, wholeすべて
allall, both, every, eachすべて
allall, whole全部の
allowallow, permit, forgive許す
all the timeall the time, every timeいつも
all throughduring, over, within, all through,..~の間
almostalmost, nearlyほとんど
a lot ofmany, much, a lot of多い
alreadyalready, yet, stillもう、まだ
alreadyalways, ever, alreadyいつも
alsoalso, too, as well~もまた
alterchange, alter, transform変える
althoughalthough, thoughだけれど
altogetheraltogether, all togetherみんなで
alwaysalways, ever, alreadyいつも
amateuramateur, nonprofessional, dilettante, dabblerアマチュア
amazesurprise, amaze, alarm, shock, stun驚く
ambiguousambiguous, obscure, vagueあいまいな
amongamong, between~の間に
amountquantity, amount量、数量
amusementamusement, entertainment娯楽
amusinginteresting, exciting, amusingおもしろい
ancientold, ancient, antique, old-fashioned古い
andand, then, soそれで
angryangry, mad, upset怒って
annoybother, trouble, annoy悩ます
anotheranother, other, others他の
answeranswer, reply, respond答える
anticipateexpect, wish, anticipate期待する
antiqueold, ancient, antique, old-fashioned古い
anywayanyway, by the wayところで
anywayin short, anywayとにかく
apologizeapologize, forgive, excuse, pardon許す
apologizeI'm sorry, I apologize謝る
apparentclear, apparent, obvious明らかな
apparentlyapparently, obviouslyどうも~だ
appearseem, look, appear, sound見える
appearanceappearance, look外見
appointmentpromise, engagement, appointment約束
approveagree, approve, consent同意する
approximatelyabout, around, approximatelyおおよそ
areaarea, section地域
areaarea, region, district地区
argueargue, debate, fight, quarrel議論する
argumentargument, dispute議論
ariserise, raise, arise上がる
armsweapon, arms兵器
aromafragrance, aroma, perfume香り
aroundabout, around, approximatelyおおよそ
arouseagitate, arouse, stimulate刺激する
arrangeput in order,tidy,straighten,classify,ar..整理する
arrive atarrive at, get to, reach到着する
arttechnique, skill, art, technology技術
artificialartificial, fake, imitation, false人工の
asas, since, because~なので
as a consequencefor this reason, hence, thus, as a result, 他それで
as a resultfor this reason, hence, thus, as a result, 他それで
as far asas far as, as long as~するなら
as long asas far as, as long as~するなら
as alwaysas usual, as always, as everいつも通り
as everas usual, as always, as everいつも通り
ashamedashamed, embarrassed恥ずかしい
askask, order, request頼む
askask, press, urge, demand催促する
assemblecollect, gather, assemble集める
assemblecrowd, gather, get together, assemble集まる
assemblyassembly, parliament, Congress, the Diet議会
assertassert, claim, maintain, insist主張する
assisthelp, assist, rescue, save助ける
assistantassistant, helper助っ人
assumepresume, assume推測する
assureassure, guarantee, insure保証する
as usualas usual, as always, as everいつも通り
as wellalso, too, as well~もまた
at lastat last, finally, after allとうとう
atmosphereatmosphere, aura, feeling雰囲気
at oncesoon, immediately, at once すぐに
at the momentat the moment,for the moment,for the time being今のところ
at the momentright now, at the moment今のところ
at firstfirst, first of all, at first初めて
attainaccomplish, achieve, attain成し遂げる
attendjoin, participate, take part in, attend参加する
attempttry, attempt, test試みる
attitudeposture, attitude, position, pose姿勢
attorneylawyer, attorney, solicitor, 他弁護士
audienceaudience, passengerお客
auraatmosphere, aura, feeling雰囲気
autographsignature, autograph署名
averagenormal, average, standard, 他通常の
avoidavoid, escape, evade避ける
awardaward, prize, reward
awfulterrible, awful, cruelひどい

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