スポンサーリンク   トップサイトマップ


接続詞 - ~だけれども   although, though
     - それで、そして  and, then, so
     - ところで     anyway, by the way
     - ~するなら    as far as, as long as
     - ~なので     as, since, because
     - ~なので     because, as, since
     - ~だけども    even though, even if
     - ~の場合     In case of, In the case of
     - それで      so, therefore
     - これまで     until now, so far 
     - ~かどうか    whether, if
     - ~の間      while, during

副 詞 - おおよそ、約   about, around, approximately
     - 実は、実際は   actually
     - 本当に      actually, really
     - あとで      after, later, in
     - いつも      all the time, every time
     - ほとんど     almost, nearly
     - もう、まだ    already, yet, still   
     - ~もまた     also, too, as well 
     - ~だけれども   although, though
     - みんなで     altogether, all together
     - ついに、とうとう at last, finally, after all
     - 今のところ at the moment, for the moment, for the time being
     - ~前に      before, ago
     - その上      besides, moreover, furthermore
     - 手短に      briefly, shortly
     - 完全に      completely, absolutely
     - 初めて      first, first of all, at first
     - 長い間      for a long time, in a long time
     - しかし      however, but
     - かなり      pretty, quite, fairly, rather
     - 多分       probably, perhaps, maybe
     - 今のところ    right now, at the moment
     - 時々/しばしば  sometimes, often, frequently
     - すぐに      soon, immediately, at once
     - 突然に      suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly
     - いいですよ    sure, certainly
     - 最近       these days, recently, lately
     - いつもは、普段は usually

動 詞 - 捨てる      abandon, dump, throw away
     - 受け取る     accept, receive, get, take
     - 成し遂げる    accomplish, achieve, attain
     - 訴える      accuse, sue, prosecute
     - 影響を与える   affect, influence
     - 刺激する     agitate, arouse, stimulate
     - 注意する     alert, caution, warn
     - 許す       allow, permit, forgive
     - 答える      answer, reply, respond
     - 議論する     argue, debate, fight, quarrel
     - 到着する     arrive at, get to, reach
     - 頼む       ask, order, request
     - 避ける      avoid, escape, evade
     - 焼く       bake, fry, roast, grill
     - 耐える      bear, endure, put up with, stand, tolerate
     - 始まる      begin, start, break out
     - 思う       belive, feel, imagine, think
     - 曲げる      bend, twist, curve
     - 借りる      borrow, rent, lease
     - 起こる      break out, take place
     - 建てる      build, construct, erect
     - 買う       buy, purchase, get
     - 改める      change, improve, revise
     - 変える      change, alter, transform
     - ごまかす     cheat, deceive, cover up
     - 選ぶ       choose, select, elect
     - 笑う       chuckle, giggle, laugh, snicker
     - 要求する     claim, demand, require
     - 倒れる      collapse, fall down, slump
     - 集める      collect, gather, assemble
     - 出る       come out, get out, go out
     - つなぐ      connect, link, unite
     - 続く       continue, last, ensue, follow
     - 操る       control, manage, direct, handle
     - 非難する     criticize, blame, accuse
     - 泣く       cry, weep, sob
     - 叫ぶ       cry, shout, scream
     - 切る       cut, chop, trim
     - 傷つける     damage, harm, hurt, injure
     - 決める      decide, fix, determine
     - 守る       defend, guard, protect
     - 示す       demonstrate, indicate, reveal, show
     - 説明する     describe, explain
     - 消える      disappear, fade, vanish
     - 見つける     discover, find, locate, track down
     - 話し合う     discuss, talk about
     - 困らせる     distress, embarrass, humiliate, shame
     - 分ける      divide, separate, split, share, disconnect
     - 疑う       doubt, suspect
     - 飲む       drink, eat
     - 飲む       drink, sip, gulp
     - 終わる      end, finish, be over
     - 入る       enter, go in, get in
     - 見積もる     evaluate, estimate
     - 期待する     expect, wish, anticipate
     - 期待する     expect, hope, wish  
     - 伸ばす      extend, expand, stretch
     - 落ちる      fall, drop, go down   
     - 戦う       fight, combat, battle
     - 終える      finish, end
     - 合う       fit, match, suit
     - 修理する     fix, repair, mend
     - 追う       follow, pursue, chase
     - 禁止する     forbid, prohibit, ban
     - 忘れる      forget, leave
     - 怖がらせる    frighten, intimidate, scare, terrify
     - 乗る/降りる   get on/off, get in/out of
     - 手に入れる    get, earn, gain, acquire, obtain
     - 行く       go, come
     - 移動する     go, move, proceed
     - 起こる      happen, occur
     - 聞く       hear, listen to   
     - 助ける      help, assist, rescue, save
     - 隠す       hide, conceal, cover up
     - ほのめかす    hint, imply, insinuate, suggest
     - 打つ       hit, beat, strike
     - 増える      increase, multiply, rise
     - 跳ぶ       jump, leap, spring
     - 殺す       kill, murder, slaughter
     - 知る       know, learn, realize, understand
     - 笑う       laugh, smile, grin
     - 貸す       lend, rent, lease
     - 好きである    like, be fond of, love
     - 探す       look for, search, seek, hunt
     - 楽しみに待つ   be looking forward, look forward
     - 作る       make, build, create
     - ~させる     make, have, let
     - 生産する     manufacture, produce, generate
     - 溶ける      melt, dissolve, defrost
     - 引く       pull, draw, drag
     - 置く       put, set, place, lay
     - 妨げる      prevent, block, interrupt
     - 減らす      reduce, decrease
     - 断る       refuse, reject, decline
     - 残る       remain, survive, be left
     - 思い出す     remember, remind, recall, recollect
     - 鳴る       ring, clatter, rustle
     - 話す       say, speak, talk, tell
     - 見る       see, look, watch
     - 震える      shake, tremble, shudder
     - 勉強する     study, learn, work
     - 盗む       steal, rob
     - 驚く       surprise, amaze, alarm, shock, stun
     - 連れて行く    take, bring
     - 散歩する     take a walk, go for a walk
     - 教える      teach, train, educate
     - 思う、推測する  think, guess, suppose
     - 投げる      throw, toss, cast
     - 試みる      try, attempt, test
     - 回る       turn, spin, revolve
     - 使う       use, spend, employ
     - ~したい     want, would like to
     - 無駄にする    waste, misuse, throw away, squander
     - 着る       wear, put on

形容詞 - 異常な      abnormal, unusual, extraordinary
     - 鋭い       acute, keen, sharp
     - たくさんの    a lot of, plenty of
     - すべて      all, entire, whole
     - 全部の      all, whole
     - あいまいな    ambiguous, obscure, vague
     - 他の       another, other, others
     - 怖い       be scared, be afraid of
     - 大きい      big, large, huge, great
     - つまらない    boring, dull, trivial
     - 勇敢な      brave, bold, courageous
     - 明るい      bright, light, cheerful
     - 穏やかな     calm, mild, soft
     - 行う       carry out, conduct, do, execute
     - 安い       cheap, inexpensive
     - 元気な      cheerful, vigorous, spirited
     - 幼い       childish, childlike, immature
     - 明らかな     clear, apparent, obvious
     - かしこい     clever, intelligent, wise
     - 近い       close, near, nearby
     - 完全な      complete, perfect, absolute
     - 集中する     concentrate, focus
     - 残酷な      cruel, brutal, harsh
     - 危ない      dangerous, risky, hazardous
     - 美味しい     delicious, tasty
     - 違う       different, distinct, various
     - 様々な      different, various, diverse
     - むずかしい    difficult, hard
     - 遠い       distant, far, remote
     - 明らかな     distinct, evident, manifest, plain
     - 熱心な      eager, enthusiastic, earnest
     - はやい      early, fast, quick, rapid
     - やさしい     easy, simple, plain
     - 上品な      elegant, graceful, modest
     - 空の       empty, vacant
     - 同等の      equal, identical, equivalent
     - 永遠の      eternal, everlasting, permanent
     - 優れた      excellent, exquisite, fine
     - 面白い      I'm exciting, I'm excited
     - 偽の       false, fake, forged
     - 有名な      famous, well-known, notorious
     - 太い       fat, thick
     - 少ない      few, a few, quite a few
     - 少し、少々    few, little, bit
     - 少ない      few, little, scarce
     - 少しの      fewer, less
     - 激しい      fierce, severe, violent
     - 固い       firm, hard, solid
     - ばかな      foolish, stupid, silly
     - 親しい      friendly, intimate, close
     - 恐ろしい     frightening, fearful, terrifying
     - 楽しい      fun, pleasant, enjoyable
     - 健康な      healthy, sound, wholesome
     - 高い       high, tall, lofty
     - 温かい      hot, warm, temperate
     - 巨大な      huge, enormous, immense
     - 湿った      humid, moist, damp
     - おもしろい    interesting, exciting, amusing
     - 優しい      gentle, kind, tender
     - 遅い       late, delayed, slow
     - 寂しい      lonely, melancholy, desolate
     - かわいい     lovely, pretty, sweet
     - 主な       main, chief, principal
     - 多い       many, much, a lot of
     - 必要な      necessary, essential, indispensable
     - 古い       old, ancient, antique, old-fashioned
     - 可愛い      pretty, cute
     - 静かな      quiet, silent, still
     - 似ている     resemble, similar
     - 豊かな      rich, wealthy, abundant
     - 正しい      right, correct, accurate
     - 悲しい      sad, unhappy, pathetic
     - 重大な      serious, grave, crucial
     - きびしい     severe, strict, harsh
     - 小さい      small, little, tiny
     - 柔らかい     soft, fluffy, tender
     - たくましい    solid, muscular, sturdy
     - 奇妙な      strange, curious, peculiar
     - 強い       strong, powerful, intense
     - 強情な      stubborn, obstinate, headstrong
     - 怪しい      suspicious, doubtful, dubious
     - ひどい      terrible, awful, cruel
     - 細い       thin, slim, slender
     - 疲れた      tired, exhausted, weary
     - いつもの     usual, customary, habitual
     - 貴重な      valuable, precious, invaluable
     - とても、非常に  very, so, too
     - 十分な      tooとenoughの使い分け
     - 弱い       weak, faint, fragile
     - 広い       wide, broad, vast

名 詞 - 能力       ability, talent, capability
     - 娯楽       amusement, entertainment
     - 地区・地域    area, region, district
     - 賞        award, prize, reward
     - 釣り合い     balance, harmony, symmetry
     - 障害       barrier, obstacle, difficulty
     - 基礎       base, basis, foundation
     - 始め       beginning, start, origin
     - 信仰       belief, faith, religion
     - 利益       benefit, gain, profit
     - 儀式       ceremony, ritual
     - 性格       character, personality, temper
     - 特徴       characteristic, feature, trait
     - 衣服       clothes, clothing, dress
     - (酒場の呼び名)  club, bar, pub
     - 会議       conference, meeting
     - 競技       contest, competition
     - 国        country, nation, state
     - 罪        crime, sin, offense
     - 習慣       custom, habit
     - お客       customer, client
     - 危険       danger, risk, hazard
     - 期限       deadline
     - 決心       decision, resolution
     - 惨事       disaster, catastrophe, tragedy
     - 訓練       drill, exercise, training
     - 義務       duty, obligation, liability
     - 努力       effort, endeavor, exertion
     - 出来事      event, accident, incident
     - 証拠       evidence, proof, testimony
     - 検査       examination, inquiry, inspection
     - 見本       example, sample, specimen
     - 恐怖       fear, horror, terror
     - 感情       feeling, emotion, sentiment
     - 終わり      finish, end, conclusion
     - 力        force, power
     - 形        form, shape, figure
     - 香り       fragrance, aroma, perfume
     - 試合       game, match
     - 来客       guest, visitor
     - 心        heart, mind, spirit, soul
     - 休暇       holiday, vacation, day off
     - 考え       idea, thought, thinking
     - 道具       instrument, tool, kit
     - 調査       investigation, survey, research
     - だから~     It's because, That's why
     - 旅行       journey, trip, travel
     - 制限       limit, limitation, restriction
     - 運        luck, fortune, chance
     - メーカー     maker, manufacturer
     - 材料       material, substance, stuff
     - 薬        medicine, drug, chemical
     - 手段       measure, means, way
     - 中心       middle, center, heart
     - 間違い      mistake, error, fault
     - 機会       opportunity, chance, occasion
     - お金       outlay, cost, expenditure
     - 時代       period, era
     - 贈り物      present, gift
     - 計画       project, plan, program, scheme
     - 財産       property, estate, fortune
     - 目的       purpose, aim, objective
     - 関係       relation, relationship, tie
     - 結果       result, effect, consequence
     - 結果       result, conclusion
     - 手当て(お金)  salary, charge, fee
     - 店        shop, store
     - 病気       sickness, illness, disease
     - 音        sound, noise, tone
     - 状態       state, condition, situation
     - テスト      test, trial, examination
     - 習慣       tradition, custom
     - 傾向       trend, tendency, inclination
     - 信頼       trust, confidence, reliance
     - 眺め       view, sight, scene
     - 仕事       work, job, occupation

時 間 - (時間長さの違い) a little while ago, for a while

場 所

前置詞 - あとで      after, later, in
     - ~の間に     among, between
     - まで       by, until
     - にもかかわらず  despite, in spite of
     - ~以外で     except, without
     - ~から      from, since
     - 前置詞の使い分け in, at, on, with

その他 - 慣れる(助動詞)  used to, be used to , get used to
     - しなければならない must, have to
     - 許可/確認の構文  Can I, Could I, May I
     - だといいね     I hope, I wish
     - でしょう      will, be going to
     - するでしょう    will, be going to (2)
     - ~できる      can, be able to
     - ~できる      can, be able to (2)
     - 二つの~      a pair of, a couple of
     - (海外関係の単語) abroad, foreign, overseas
     - 話し言葉/書き言葉  の使い分け
     - 確認するための文型 (~ask)の使い分け
     - 関係代名詞使い分け that, which
     - 疑問詞の使い分け  what, how
     - 省略形の内容は   its, it's
     - 意味の違い     come/go, later/in, can/do
     - 番外編:      勉強のやり方について考える
     - 中学英語復習:   中学単語の使い分け1
     - 中学英語復習:   中学単語の使い分け2
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     >>> サイト マップ(あいうえお順


   ・ビールを冷やす  : chill the beer
   ・ビールをつぐ   : pour the beer
   ・コーヒーを入れる : brew coffee
   ・コーヒーを出す  : serve coffee
   ・コーヒーをすする : sip coffee

   ・酒をおごる    : buy a drink  
   ・酒を飲む     : have a drink  
   ・グラスを飲み干す : empty one's glass
   ・グラスに酒をつぐ : fill the glass
   ・乾杯する     : raise one's glass

   ・食事を作る    : make dinner
   ・食事を取らせる  : give someone dinner
   ・食事の支度をする : prepare dinner
   ・食事を取る    : have a meal  
   ・食事を出す    : serve a meal

   ・テーブルを片づける: clear the table  
   ・席を予約する(レストランの): reserve a table  
   ・食卓を整える   : set the table
   ・テーブルをふく  : wipe the table
   ・瓶に栓をする   : cap the bottle
   ・瓶の栓を抜く   : open the bottle

   ・パンを焼く    : bake bread
   ・パンを焼く    : toast bread

   ・品物を預かる   : hold an item
   ・商品を取り置く  : keep an item
   ・商品を購入する  : purchase an item

   ・注文を取る    : get an order
   ・注文する     : make an order
   ・発注する     : place an order
   ・注文を取る/聞く : take an order





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